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Demark Blow Moulding Machine & Pet Preform Mould

supplier of pet preform injection molding systems, pet stretch blow molding m...

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About us
China Demark Blow Molding Machine & Pet Preform Mould Co., Ltd. with area of 50,000 square meters and with capital of USD 20 million is one of the important suppliers offering the proposal of whole line for PET packaging. It is a morden technology enterprise that concentrates on technology design, manufacturing and marketing. Since established, Demark is specialized in PET line, mainly offering the whole proposal from perform designing to bottle blowing.with history of 20 years, it designs PET fully-automatic blow molding machine, needle valve of no-cutting preform mould and pet preform injection moldig system. This company is composed of affiliated departments: Demark Machinery Co., Ltd and Demars Mould Co., Ltd. Demark Machinery Co., is specialized in designing and manufacturing PET blow molding machine and related auxiliaries. Recently we have Linear and Rotary series about ten kinds of machines. We introduce European technology to design and manufacture DMK-Rotary blow moldi... [View Company Profile]
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